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Swiss wellness innovation
since 1979

Walter Hunziker senior, more than 40 years ago, developed the first Swiss herbal steam bath. He knew how soothing, relaxing and calming gentle steam can be. As a health-conscious wellness pioneer, he knew the effects of herbs in warm water and their healing vapours. His goal with the VAPORSANA® technology was to get the best out of this herbal steam and make it accessible to everyone - not just via the nose and mouth, but the entire skin. Our Lotus model offers proven layouts that fit into almost any bathroom. Individual steam baths and custom steam showers can also be equipped with the soothing VAPORSANA® technology. 

Swiss technology
for your health benefit

In our natural herbal steam bath it never gets hotter than 50°C. Combined with an air humidity of around 100%, all health complaints are virtually dissolved in the air. If one stays in the steam bath for an extended amount of time, the body temperature rises by 1 to 2° C. This light, artificial "fever" is sufficient to slow down certain pathogenic microorganisms, an immunisation effect occurs.
  • Health effects of a natural herbal steam bath:
  • Strengthens immune system and defences
  • Stimulates blood circulation, circulation and metabolism
  • Loosens the muscles, tightens and cleanses the skin
  • Alleviates rheumatic and asthmatic complaints
  • Humidifies the respiratory tract

Your skin breathes a sigh of relief,
your sould too

What is special about the VAPORSANA® technology:
  • 100% purest natural herbal tea without chemical additives
  • Safe and trouble-free, patented, unpressurised steam generation
  • Minimal energy and water consumption
  • Steam bath and everyday shower in one
  • Constant temperature from head to toe thanks to integrated air circulation
  • Comfortably adjustable automatic heating and timer in the cabin
  • Wide selection of materials, colours, sizes, measures and optional accessories
  • Swiss technology for over 40 years 

Gentle and pressureless
herbal steam

At the heart of every natural herb steam bath are the electronic controls, the steam conditioning system, the water circuit and the air duct. The patented system generates the steam gently and without pressure via a stainless steel flow heater - for absolutely safe, trouble-free and energy-saving operation and optimum efficiency of the natural herbs.

Same temperature
from head to toe

In order for you to feel completely comfortable in your herbal steam bath, it is important to keep the temperature constant everywhere form head to toe.  The special steam-air circulation with fresh air prevents unpleasant heat build-up and enables a temperature of 35 to 48°C to be adjusted to your needs at any time - easily and conveniently controllable with an automatic timer. In addition, the cabin can also be preheated with a warm air supply during normal showers, which ensures even more showering pleasure, especially in the wintertime. 

Power of the herbs
Only the best works well

In order for our healthy and soothing steam baths to unfold their full effect, we exclusively use herbs from Swiss organic farms in the Napf region and Le Prese/GR.  All plants are carefully cultivated, carefully harvested and expertly processed - without the addition of essences or chemical substances. 

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