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High humidity,
deep relaxation

What was already in use with the Romans and Greeks in antiquity is indispensable in today's world: the steam bath is a mild wellness experience in which mind and body take a bath together. At 43/45 degrees and 100% humidity the cardiovascular system is trained, the skin is pampered, the respiratory tract is freed and the muscles are relaxed. By the way, you don't have to wait for the cool winter fog. The warm version is always in season, the options range from an individual steam bath, a steam shower or even a combination of sauna and steam bath. Just as your wish for relaxation desires. 


Herbal steam bath
VAPORSANA® technology

In our hectic world, the search for relaxation is both a way of life and a desire. The gentle natural herbal steam baths are perfect for this. What makes a steam shower with VAPORSANA® technology unique is the combination of patented technology for the pressureless generation of steam and the use of naturally effective herbs. 



Herbs and essences
Only the best works well

We have developed a range of exclusive natural herbal mixtures for different needs so that the soothing steam can have an even better effect on body and mind. We only use herbs from organic farms in the Swiss Napf region and Val Poschiavo. Here grows in a naturla and original environment what will help your well-being blossom. 

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A high level of humidity
Deep relaxation.

Pure well-being is not just a matter of regulating the climate. The material, feel, colours and shapes define our perception. The individual solutions offered by Küng are endless, making your steam bath one of a kind. How about a hinged bench, heated Corian or natural stone surfaces? Cooling down with a multi-sensory shower or Kneipp hose? Whatever blissful arrangement you envisage for your floor plan, the result will be deeply relaxing.

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Hotly recommended: combined steam.

Love a steam bath as much as a sauna? The Insieme and Insieme Due models are the perfect solution for all those who long for variety and ample space for relaxation. The variable dimensions of these designer models by Küng bring together two spa rituals for complete enjoyment.

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Steam bath or sauna
What’s the difference?

The difference between a sauna and a steam bath/shower is the climate, i.e. the temperature/humidity ratio. A sauna is kept at a temperature of around 85 to 100 degrees Celsius, with five to ten per cent humidity. The dry, hot air makes you start to perspire, as the body tries to cool down. This is quite different to a steam bath. Dense, warm wafts of mist are created with 100% humidity and temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius. This is because water transfers heat better than air. Which is why you sweat less than in a sauna.

What appears to be sweat is in fact steam condensing into water on your skin, which is around 20 degrees cooler. In both cases, an 8–12-minute session is recommended before moving on to the second and, if need be, third round after cooling down and relaxing.

Like saunas, steam baths or showers have many health benefits, which optimally unfold through aromas, herbs and sound. Steam baths are also known as caldaria, Turkish baths or hammam.