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The spa sculpture

Sharing a meal together is to us what sharing a sauna together is to the Scandinavians – and to a family from Wollerau by Lake Zurich. The sauna cabin in the basement of their house therefore had to offer every member of the family their own place to sit despite the challenging space constraints. The solution? A handcrafted wooden heptagon!

A communicative marvel of form
The desire to sit around a fire together appears to be inherent – in the case of this family, the desire to sit around a sauna heater. The guard rail is like the wooden benches, ‘folded’ diagonally several times. And even the spotlights were fitted geometrically in the ceiling to match. This heptagonal sauna thus almost resembles a sculpture!

Home-grown relaxation straight from the garden
But nothing is monotonous in this private oasis of well-being: the jet-black grooves make the horizontal wood panelling on the sauna walls appear comforting. The lady of the house also likes to take home-grown herbs from the garden and put them in the water bath. An irresistible alliance of the finest craftsmanship and loving aromatherapy ...

Family life can be rather hectic, but everyone can relax in a sauna. With this in mind, the wooden slats covering the wall are positioned horizontally and intricately panelled on the exterior. The harmonious look of the cabin is also largely due to the fact that the owner decided to focus exclusively on traditional sauna wood: polar pine. The black grooves and profile-free glass front add a modern twist.

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions 231 x 240 x 215 cm
  • Panelling Near-knotless polar pine, horizontal panelling with black stripes
  • Heater Küng designer heater BIOSA® tower 9.0 + 2.0 kW
  • Control system Küng CH4 touch screen
  • Lighting Downlights
  • Features Bench facing with horizontal panelling