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Quadruple the relaxation

Many people can only dream of having a spa in their bathroom – for the residents of this home, the dream became a reality. This was made possible by Küng’s space-saving combined sauna and steam shower. For maximum relaxation, the sauna features an integrated fold-out infrared panel. This enables a range of relaxation options: from a traditionally hot sauna or gentle bio sauna and deep-penetrating infrared heat therapy to a hot steam shower.

Material dialogue
To create a harmonious whole, the sauna and steam shower cabins are designed in keeping with the rest of the bathroom: for example, the black mottled tiles on the ceiling and floor in the sweat chambers also form the benches in the steam shower. Light wall tiles correspond with the light wood of the sauna, which runs from the side up to the ceiling. To prevent the bathroom from appearing overcrowded, the front of the combined unit is fully glazed. A pleasantly warm strip of light running along the back of both units links the sauna and steam shower.

While traditional Finnish saunas can reach a room temperature of up to 100°C, the temperature of Küng’s bio sauna is not quite so high and thus gentler on the cardiovascular system. The infrared panels in this private oasis of well-being complement both types of sauna. The fold-out surface heating elements in an infrared sauna emit invisible infrared rays which get under the skin. These heat rays have a deep penetrating effect – especially on the muscle tissue, joints and organs – without heating up the air in the cabin. The various sprays and therapeutic options in the steam shower indulge the senses.