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Out into the warmth.

Many people today are nomads: their location changes just as much as their preferences. The new outdoor sauna Omnia fits in perfectly with this lifestyle, as it is so compact that it can easily be relocated. It is equally at home on a rooftop in the city as in a wildly romantic garden in the countryside. And even if such mobility only ever remains a possibility, the outdoor sauna at least looks visionary.

A sauna sculpture for outdoors
With a body made from shiny chrome steel and anthracite-coloured slate, you can tell from afar that Omnia is no ordinary sauna. Its distinctive shapes and materials instead create a striking design. Unlike many other outdoor saunas, it also doesn’t shield itself from its surroundings – confidently offering an insight into its innermost self through a frameless glass front.

A superb play on materials
Omnia’s rounded corners are initially reminiscent of a space capsule or a futuristic container. But the superb wood panelling in the sauna cabin and artistically laid natural stone in the shower area soon bring it back down to earth. Truly futuristic, however, are the strips of LED light seamlessly integrated into the wooden slats in the interior. The modular design of this sauna offers virtually endless design possibilities.

Chrome steel creates a stylistic balance: despite being virtually indestructible, it appears rather elegant. It also gains a touch of class, particularly in combination with anthracite-coloured natural stones such as slate. Küng’s outdoor sauna Omnia contrasts these two materials with Finnish polar pine: the traditional sauna wood has a particularly warm and cosy effect (and properties that are ideal for use in a sauna).

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions 251 x 180 x 210/227 cm
  • Interior panelling in profiled rod, near-knotless polar pine
  • Shower with thin, impregnated slates
  • Exterior with thin, impregnated slates, frame with bevelled canopy and tapered sides made of CNS
  • Heater Küng designer heater BIOSA® tower 12.0 + 2.6 kW
  • Controller Küng A12 touch screen controller
  • Light RGB LED tube lighting
  • Features sprung aspen benches