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Ode to the Bauhaus

Surrounded by fields and meadows, this modern white villa stands its ground. The crunching gravel drive leads visitors to the entrance, the garage, the guest area and a small red cube whose pure design is in keeping with the modern architecture of the main house. And the purpose of this little house hiding an outdoor sauna: pure relaxation.

A sauna cube with an outdoor feel
One searches in vain for stylistic flourishes on this outdoor sauna. For the man of the house is a lover of the Bauhaus style. The cube is thus covered in plain composite panels, the door and windows are frameless and the interior is quite simply fitted with wood. The fact that the little sweat chamber doesn’t feel like a cramped shoebox is largely due to the many views afforded of the surrounding nature.

At home outside
To ensure this garden sauna offers the perfect setting for relaxation, the client placed it under a projection of the main house. The sauna thus affords an unrestricted view of the nature from three sides, while the sweat chamber can easily be accessed from the guest area of the main house. Showers are also installed here – in case a walk around the garden is not quite enough to cool down ...

As an architectural and stylistic addition to the main house, this outdoor sauna is built in modern Bauhaus style. Coloured, weatherproof composite panels, invisibly attached, cover the sauna. Frameless windows and doors also fit in perfectly with the minimalist exterior. Very traditional, however, is the horizontal, near-knotless polar pine panelling with black grooves in the interior.

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions 240 x 200 x 210 cm
  • Interior with near-knotless polar pine, horizontal panelling with black stripes
  • Exterior with weatherproof panels, red
  • Heater Küng designer heater BIOSA® tower 9.0 + 2.0 kW
  • Controller Küng CH4 touch screen controller
  • Features sprung benches, window