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A bright and wondrous world of well-being

In constructing a private oasis of well-being right next to the main house, this client proved how modern architecture and poetry work well together. The indoor swimming pool predominantly boasts clear lines and high-quality materials, while the clever interplay of materials and light technology create a tranquil ambience – like a starry sky shimmering softly on the surface of the water.

Modernity in the guise of classic comfort
The architectural firm Müller from Ruswil, Switzerland, designed the eight-metre-long pool from light concrete. Surrounded by plank-like porcelain stoneware tiles, the warm wood look creates an exciting contrast to the blue of the water and the rough, undressed stone wall with flat-screen TV spanning the length of the room. However, the icing on the cake in this private spa is the Küng sauna cabin and steam bath offering a view of the pool.

Neighbouring oases of well-being
Thanks to a completely glazed front and floating benches, the pool and sauna cabin visually flow into one another. Although bordering directly on the sauna, the steam bath is tucked away snugly in a corner of the room: rounded mosaic tile benches in wooden tones face each other in the cabin, while an altar-like steam fountain featuring chunks of rose quartz and a water spray takes centre stage. The magic really starts when the innovative technology shines a light on the steam bath, sauna or pool ...

Concrete is probably the most popular contemporary building material. Here it creates a contrast with the rough, undressed stone and wooden-plank effect of the porcelain stoneware. A backlit stone wall in the sauna and a marble wall next to the steam bath complement this interplay of materials. Extravagance in detail is evidenced by the wooden and mosaic tile benches in the cabins.

Beat Müller, Ruswil