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Feel-good gem with added extras

The owners of this house value their well-being as much as others value their jewellery. They therefore decided to treat themselves to an extravagant oasis of well-being: a steam bath and sauna cabin nestle seamlessly together yet impress individually with their unique design. Together, they offer maximum comfort ...

Extravagance and inner values
While the steam bath is a classic rectangular room, the sauna has a chamfered layout, thus offering maximum space and legroom within just a few square metres. The light polar pine wood corresponds with the natural stone adorning both the floor of the sauna and the interior of the steam bath. The dark brown veneers of the cabins create a contrast. The real refinements in this spa, however, are concealed: for example, the heated bench in the steam bath and the sprung benches in the sauna.

This object proves that maximum relaxation can be achieved in a minimum of space. This mini oasis of well-being is not only extravagantly designed, it also boasts selected materials: the light natural stone in the steam bath has an elaborate, almost wood-like grain, blending in harmoniously with the polar pine of the sauna. The dark veneers frame both cabins like a picture.