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Farm with a wellness heart

From farm to feel-good house  
Would the farmers who once lived here have dreamed that their homes would one day be so beautiful? Hardly. But the ancient wooden beams all over the house still proudly tell their story. No wonder, then, that the original structure of the building was to be preserved in the newly built wellness bathroom. Here, historical building elements meet ultra-modern elements and dignified aged wooden beams meet an innovative sauna.
Bathroom with special details
Like the heart of the room, the sauna cube stands in the middle of the newly created bathroom. So that it does not become a foreign object in it, its corner glazing allows daylight to pass through. The back walls are clad in old wood - as a link to the historic farmhouse wooden beams from the ceiling. Incidentally, the technical elements of the sauna are hidden here, invisible to the observer.
Homage to the farm 
But no matter how ingenious the system is, only the tanned wood of its walls and ceiling is put in the limelight: warm LED steel lights illuminate it and make the entire cabin look like a sculpture. The architects Marietta Tschander and Christian Keller aimed for precisely this special atmospheric atmosphere. They have created an authentic residential pearl from an aging farmhouse.