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Dolce vita in the Alps

The water shimmers azure blue, one’s gaze wanders off into the distance: in summer, this sanctuary of well-being almost feels like being by the sea. Then the residents open their sliding windows and swim in the fresh air. During the colder months, gyms and saunas offer alternatives. The plunge tub filled with ice-cold water from the mountains provides refreshment.

A relaxing style
The balance between Mediterranean flair and Alpine comfort is ensured in this private spa through the use of refined design elements: blue mosaic tiles give the pool a sea-like feel, while the exposed brick wall in the sauna radiates Alpine romance. Rugged natural stone meets near-knotless polar pine, while small sand- and blue-coloured mosaic tiles encounter white plastered walls … Yet the display of shapes, colours and materials in this world of well-being is not too loud, for everything is well-balanced.

An oasis of creativity and relaxation
The owner of this house by Lake Lucerne was instrumental in designing his oasis of well-being: for example, the wall panelling in the sauna and shower as well as the window in the sauna cabin were all his ideas. Yet the whole family gets to enjoy it: the children’s favourite ‘toys’ are the pool’s hydro-flow system and the touch screen controls in the sauna.

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions 276 x 204 x 210 cm
  • Interior Horizontal polar pine panelling with black stripes, exposed brickwork
  • Exterior Ceramic tiles
  • Heater Küng designer heater BIOSA® tower 12.0 + 2.6 kW
  • Control system Küng A12 touch screen

General contractor and overall concept

Gisler GU AG, Luzern