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Alpine flair in the basement

A family in Rapperswil had never come so close to holidaying in the mountains than after converting their basement into a relaxing landscape including sauna and gym. Here the use of rustic stone and spruce particularly highlight the Alpine charm. And the pile of logs up against the wall is also more than just decoration …

As cosy as a mountain cabin
Just a few stairs down and the residents are already in their cosy sanctuary of well-being, where they can enjoy the warmth of the rain shower or watch the crackling open fire from the comfort of the sauna benches. Where their eyes are tricked by the rugged natural stone walls and spruce into believing they are in the mountains. Even the ceiling of the sauna imitates the night sky!

Kitsch-free chalet look
The architect responsible for this design, Mario Solèr, is a man of soft tones: clear lines and a sense of balance characterise his style. Here, for example, he set uneven natural stone walls against heavily marked reclaimed wood panelling. The walls play with projections and misalignments – to create a feeling of comfort otherwise only found in modern chalets.

Virtually no other wood represents the Alpine country style like spruce. Its rustic feel is contrasted with rugged natural stone in this private spa. Angular alder-wood benches and anthracite-coloured floor tiles fit in perfectly with the overall design. Their modern counterpart can be found in the chrome-plated elements of the sauna and its frameless glass fronts.

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions 215 x 168 x 210/227 cm
  • Interior Horizontal panelling, reclaimed, butt-jointed spruce
  • Exterior Horizontal panelling, reclaimed, butt-jointed spruce
  • Heater Küng designer heater BIOSA® tower 9.0 + 2.0 kW
  • Control system Küng A12 touch screen
  • Lighting Indirect Charmey RGB LED


Solèr GmbH, Stuttgart

Project supervisor
Raumfindung Architekten, Rapperswil