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A relaxing duo

Anyone entering this Swiss oasis of well-being can’t help but think of the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. For here, not only different forms of relaxation but also contrasting materials combine – even in the smallest of spaces! Far from being crowded, the effect is rather calm and balanced.

A promising review
This well-proportioned combined sauna and steam bath fits seamlessly into an area measuring a mere two by three metres. The profile-free glass front connects both cabins towards the front, while the entire rear wall is constructed of Vals quartzite stone. A thin, transparent pane of glass is the only thing separating the sauna and steam bath inside. Yet even the cabin designs are in constant dialogue..


Cocooning for relaxation
While the sauna is like a cocoon of polar pine, the cabin of the adjacent steam sauna is characterised by a minimalist design with Vals quartzite. A continuous, indirect strip of light spanning the rear wall of both relaxation zones links the two rooms. And as if in dialogue, the sauna heater and steam fountain face one another.