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A cosy cocoon of well-being

The Swiss mountain village of Pontresina still abides by a very strong tradition – which also may be due to the fact that it is surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks. For an oasis of well-being in the basement of a Pontresina house it was therefore clear that reference had to be made to the nature and Alpine culture. The sauna area meets this design challenge, without any grand gestures.

A place of well-being thanks to light art
The space for this oasis of well-being is relatively small, but to ensure it doesn’t feel cramped, the experts at EMULSION Interior Design conjured up indirect lighting: skilfully placed strips of light, a striking standing lamp that distributes light both upwards and downwards, as well as daylight streaming through a window, create the illusion of more space. For privacy and, above all, greater comfort, the window was covered with larch-wood slats.

Regional relaxation aids
Subtle references to the Alpine culture, nature and architecture can be found everywhere in this relaxation zone: the wooden slats in front of the window, for example, feature the same decorative openings found in the region’s ornately carved balconies. The sauna walls are covered in Vals quartzite and the benches are faced with fragrant Swiss stone pine. Natural Alpine materials, a cosy atmosphere and the heat from the sauna keep users cocooned here.

The relaxation room and sauna flow into one in this oasis of well-being thanks to the use of the same stones on the floor and walls – while the Vals quartzite used in the sauna cabin also flows through to the outside. The highlight of this sauna however is the Swiss stone pine facing. The proven positive health effects of the wood on the human body, its essential oils and antibacterial properties also make it the perfect sauna wood.

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions 227 x 210 x 216/224 cm
  • Panelling Swiss stone pine, Vals quartzite
  • Heater Küng designer heater BIOSA® tower 12.0 + 2.6 kW
  • Control system Küng A12 touch screen
  • Lighting Indirect Charmey RGB LED


Emulsion, Sils i.D.

Andrea Badrutt

EMULSION Interior Design
A love of craftsmanship.

«Based in the municipality of Sils im Domleschg, our interior design firm draws its inspiration from nature and its elements. For an oasis of well-being in a house with a view of the mountain landscape in Pontresina, our aim was to use natural and regional materials to create a direct link to the mountain region. Together with the well-being experts at Küng, we planned and developed this exclusive sauna. As Küng shares our love of detail and craftsmanship as well as our passion for the uniqueness of every object and the search for the perfect solution, it turned out to be a fruitful cooperation.»

Tanja Jörimann and Werner Woodtli
EMULSION Interior Design