Our sauna models
Ready for a truly unique experience?

When nature acts as a model, diversity is guaranteed. Add design and fine craftsmanship to make your custom-built oasis of well-being a reality. Looking for inspiration? Here are some superb highlights which can act as a basis for your bespoke Küng sauna.

A gentle bio sauna.

BIOSA® helps keep you cool while perspiring. For BIOSA® is the ultimate in relaxation, increasing perspiration without negatively impacting your circulation. A Küng BIOSA® heater transforms any sauna into a bio sauna.

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A sauna is like a bespoke suit.

Every home has its nooks and crannies, not to mention its own history. Let this guide you and be inspired by our countless layout ideas – for the bathroom, bedroom, basement or summer house. Cubic shapes are proving particularly popular, but we also offer a range of bevelled and curved designs. Even windows, open fires or stairs can be harmoniously integrated.

Every sauna is tailored to you!