Optional extras
Well-being down to the last detail.

Finding the perfect features and functions is key to optimum well-being. Add fantastic optional extras for complete luxury. Fancy a starry sky, colour light therapy or sprung benches? Want oxygen via IonizAir™ or fold-out infrared panels to enhance your sense of well-being? Or are you looking to upgrade or modify your current sauna? The road to greater relaxation starts with an in-depth consultation with one of our wellness experts.

Matching accessories
Relaxation straight from our online shop.

Measuring systems, aromatherapy, pouring bowls, peridotite stones, ladles, headrests: the list of accessories is virtually endless. For it is the many small details that have such a big impact on your well-being. Visit our shop for sauna and spa accessories and find everything you need for the ultimate sauna experience.

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