Swiss made
Quality made by Küng.

Customer satisfaction is based on our appreciation of quality. That’s why we are happy to go the extra mile and focus on every detail. This applies to the choice of wood as much as to local production and our environmental footprint.

A quality source.

The majority of our sauna wood grows in Finland – where the rawness of the north strengthens the trees, allowing the trunks to slowly flourish and giving them a high fibre density. Our favourite is the Finnish polar pine with its near-knotless wood and unmistakable fragrance. Really good things come to those who wait. Since the company was founded, we have been working closely and happily with the same Finnish wood supplier – whose crop is PEFC-certified. A programme aimed at improving the use and management of forests worldwide.

Swiss made
Economically worthwhile.

If 60% of production is carried out in Switzerland, a product can be classed as Swiss made. To be sure: a Küng sauna always features the red-and-white cross. This is the source of our craftsmanship; installation and service is carried out exclusively by our own team. To be right: we source our wood from Finland’s forests, as it has the right properties. But it is delivered, checked, stored and crafted in Altendorf, and ultimately assembled on your site. Every trunk and every panel. This allows us to cater to all requirements and create the unique products for which we are known.

Proactive rather than inactive.

Also as a sauna manufacturer, we can do a lot for the environment and energy efficiency. That’s why strict quality standards apply when choosing and processing wood, and operating saunas. We limit energy consumption by using insulated cabin shells and a sophisticated, multilayer construction. This stores heat and distributes it evenly throughout the interior. It also reduces the amount of time it takes the sauna to heat up using the relevant heating technology. We also refrain from using fossil fuels. Instead, Küng processes all reclaimed wood into pellets which help heat our company building in Altendorf.