Dedicated to the pampering you richly deserve.

Since our foundation, we have been putting outstanding quality above everything else and topping it off with strong innovations. In design, technology and comfort. All of this creates the unmistakable Küng feel-good effect. A concept our customers have long since been familiar with.

A pioneer in glass.

We were the first to dare to use glass in saunas. Sweating in the dark has given way to airiness and transparency, created by cabin-high, frameless glass fronts. Conscious of the lower heat storage capacity of glass, we experimented with multilayered wall designs made of wood and the best insulation materials. Successfully. Now even glass saunas offer the best climate.

Glass in sauna construction

A gentle sauna with BIOSA®.

Our innovative bio sauna concept BIOSA® was created especially for those who struggle with the Finnish heat but still appreciate a healthy sauna. The technology can easily be integrated into any sauna and combined with various therapies. The temperature in the sauna is 55 degrees Celsius, with 45% humidity. A milder climate but with the full feel-good effect.


Sprung benches
Relax and recline on comfortable benches.

Once you have made your bed, you have to lie in it. This truth inspired us to leave no screw unturned when it came to reclining comfort. As our sprung benches perfectly adjust to the contours of your body, you can enjoy even more heavenly relaxation when taking a sauna.

Sprung benches