Glass saunas
All that glitters is glass.

Küng is the pioneer of glazed saunas – and is still leading the way in what has now become an everyday design. Cabin-high, frameless glass fronts, whenever possible in the corner, are a particular speciality of the Swiss market leader. Yet what is the advantage of using glass in saunas?

Greater sense of space

Glass also makes smaller saunas seem spacious and bright, which is ideal when space is limited. The transparency also improves the sense of space inside the cabin and reduces any discomfort. The wish for a measure of privacy can be met using tinted one-way panes.

Glass enhances

Glass enhances the carefully designed interior by showcasing it from outside. Küng also sets trends in interior design with exclusive and exceptional materials.

The right climate

Glass has a slightly lower heat storage capacity than wood. Küng compensates for this with multilayered, well-insulated wooden elements (e.g. rear wall, ceiling). Any climate setting you require is possible, even in a sauna with large glass panes.

What does profile-free mean?

Usually, when someone mentions frameless or profile-free glass walls, you have to look closely. At Küng, ‘profile-free’ means neither the finest rails nor hidden fittings, but simply a seal – the result of decades of experience and optimisation.

We are passionate about using glass in sauna construction – and about all other wonderful ways to make your dream sauna a reality. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!