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HotSpring® Highlife

High quality design, new salt water treatment, improved technology, even more intense enjoyment. The new 2019 Highlife Collection was developed with the help of design specialists from BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Every whirlpool in the Highlife Collection offers you the most exclusive possibilities and gives you the ultimate whirlpool experience - day after day, year after year. 

HotSpring®Highlife Grandee

7 persons
254 x 231 x 97 cm

The most spacious model in the Highlife collection is the luxurious Grandee. With barrier-free space for up to seven people, it is a pleasant addition to your home. The equipment with two Wavemaster pumps guarantees the necessary water pressure, while 2 seats with Moto-Massage DX jets ensure indescribable relaxation.

HotSpring® Highlife Envoy

5 people
236 x 231 x 97 cm

The new Envoy is now even bigger! More space for all connoisseurs. More width and more length so you can relax even better. We have left everything that has proven its worth in it. The Envoy is a whirlpool with powerful jet systems and exceptional extras. Its dimensions allow many comfortable sitting and lying positions. A comfortable lounger and a reclining seat with wrist and leg jets guarantee all-round relaxation.


HotSpring® Highlife Aria

5 people
221 / 221 / 91 cm

The Aria is a modern example of HotSpring's commitment to excellence and continuous development. A model full of emotions! The whirlpool has exclusive extras such as the patented Moto-Massage™ nozzle, the exceptional TriX™ filters and special Precision™ jets. The Aria convinces with a perfect massage.

HotSpring® Highlife Vanguard

6 people
221 x 221 x 91 cm

The Vanguard whirlpool offers enough space for six adults. It is one of the most energy-efficient pools in our product range. With its multitude of jets, you can design your whirlpool pleasure according to your personal wishes. Two seats feature our exclusive Moto-Massage-Jets and the Quartet® jet system, allowing two people to enjoy a complete back and shoulder massage at the same time.

HotSpring® Highlife Sovereign

6 people
203 x 236 x 84 cm

The sovereign knows how to inspire people. It is equipped with a reclining couch shaped to fit the body and foot rests for optimum comfort. Modern design, the SoothingStream water feature and a seating capacity suitable for many requirements make this whirlpool the ideal place to relax and feel good in your own home.

HotSpring® Highlife Prodigy

5 people
198 x 213 x 84 cm

Brand new: The new Prodigy is now also equipped with the famous Motomassage DX nozzle. The Motomassage DX nozzle patented by HotSpring is one of the reasons why many of our customers no longer want to do without their HotSpring whirlpool. The Prodigy offers space for 5 people. The comfortable seats are arranged in such a way that all bathers can chat with each other easily.

HotSpring® Highlife Triumph

4 persons
188 x 236 x 84 cm

The whirlpool Triumph with four exclusive massage areas, two of which are loungers. We have only used the best, most effective massage functions for you in this wonderfully compact outdoor whirlpool. Enjoy perfect relaxation.

HotSpring® Highlife Jetsetter LX

3 persons
165 x 213 x 84 cm

The Jetsetter is the luxury whirlpool for 3 people. Small dimensions, but big effect. Although the Jetsetter is dimensioned to fit on balconies, terraces and small niches, it offers all the exclusivities that HotSpring offers, such as the patented Motomassage, the 100% filtration and a comfortable lounger to relax.

HotSpring® Highlife Jetsetter

3 persons
165 x 213 x 74 cm

The Jetsetter is the luxury HotSpring® whirlpool with room for three people. It is ideal for one, two or three users. The reclining seat features a Moto-Massage DX nozzle for your back, Precision nozzles for your neck and shoulders and a Foot-Stream nozzle for your feet so you can relax all around. The HydroStream and Hydromassage jets offer additional massage options.