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Worldwide number 1

The world's best-selling whirlpool. Revolutionary water treatment, patented massage system, optimum energy efficiency and simple operating comfort guarantee complete relaxation.

Save energy
save money

HotSpring® produces the world's most energy-efficient whirlpools. When building each HotSpring® spa, a variety of energy-efficient features are integrated, resulting in extremely low operating costs. You can rest assured that your HotSpring® spa will always offer the best value for money. In addition, our SmartJet® system reduces energy costs by consuming only as much power as you really need.

Invigorating hydrotherapy
with massage jets

HotSpring® offers a wide range of exclusive, patented nozzle systems which are perfectly suited to relieve tension in body parts such as neck, shoulders, back, lower legs and feet. The powerful and patented jets are designed for specific muscle groups, delivering incredibly intense water flows that you can adjust to your comfort pressure. In perfect harmony, all these beneficial jets provide invigorating hydrotherapy for the whole body. 

Water quality
at its best

To make water care as easy and uncomplicated as possible, all HotSpring® spas are equipped with the powerful FreshWater™ III ozone system. All models in the Highlife® Collection offer fully balanced, bypass-free and 100% filtration. In conventional systems, water bypasses the filters when the nozzles are on, returning unfiltered water to the spa. With HotSpring®, clean and clear water ensures an even more enjoyable massage experience. 

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exterior cladding

HotSpring® whirlpools can be fully or partially clad with any material and according to your wishes.  The SpaStone™ outer shell in the look of a natural stone wall, for example, is of very high quality. Of course you can also design an individual exterior cladding with a designer, landscape gardener, tiler or carpenter - you are spoilt for choice. Our wellness architects will be happy to assist you.