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Deeply penetrating heat
Infrared saunas.

Even the ancient Romans and Greeks took great pleasure from heat – be it to increase well-being or to alleviate symptoms. But there’s heat and then there’s heat. While traditional saunas heat the air, the benefits of infrared heat can already be felt at around 30 degrees Celsius. As soon as the invisible infrared rays come into contact with the skin, they specifically penetrate the outer layer and work where they are most effective. This triggers a whole host of healthy processes – and deep relaxation.

Direct heat.

Heat helps to relax tissue, alleviate pain and cleanse the body. A sauna does the same. And infrared heat, too. Only infrared rays directly target and alleviate the areas troubling you most. Applied correctly and regularly, the deep heat has a number of positive effects: it strengthens, purifies, relaxes and releases. And it is highly rated by athletes wanting to warm up or regenerate their muscles before and after training.

Incidentally, the cabins offered by Küng are not your typical infrared cabins, but saunas that can be upgraded or retrofitted with our Infraflex® heat panels.

Infrared saunas


  • Boost the immune system.
  • Increase circulation and improve the metabolism.
  • Relieve tension and alleviate back pain.
  • Promote purification and detoxification.
  • Can positively impact the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Are equivalent to light cardiovascular endurance training.


Finally you can get everything you want from a sauna without having to compromise on design. Whether Finnish or infrared heat, or a BIOSA® sweat bath, all Küng models can be retrofitted with smart infrared panels and transformed into an infrared sauna – either flush with the rear and side walls or with fold-out wings.

Infraflex® cabin Trias.

If you’re looking for traditional infrared heaters for your sauna, you won’t find them at Küng. Instead, we have integrated infrared surface heating elements directly into our Infraflex® heat cabins. Taking up just 2 m² of space, Trias is designed to fit virtually anywhere and suit all tastes with three different sauna applications. It is available in variable dimensions and materials to suit your personal preferences. If a traditional sauna is more your thing, add a combined heater to your cabin. This will allow you to switch between mild and high temperatures as often as you like.

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