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Bespoke heating
Heater on – pressure off.

Did you know that each heater provides a unique sauna experience? Combine your dream sauna with the innovative heater models from Küng and prepare to relax. Choose between a Finnish heater, a wood heater, under-bench heating or our BIOSA® heater models.

Finnish heater

The heat emitted by a Finnish heater creates an authentic sauna experience. Up to 40 kg of sauna stones work their magic in the cavity of the solid, adjustable air-flow spoiler made of cast iron or chrome steel. The Finn also boasts optimal air circulation and a triple heater shell. This creates an energy-saving convector effect and prevents the housing from overheating.

BIOSA® heater

If you’re looking to experience the climate of a bio sauna in the comfort of your own home, the BIOSA® heater does just that – and is so ingeniously designed that it can only be from Küng. The key here is the water container with herb sieve and aromatic oil bowl. The result is an inhalation of herbal aromas of unparalleled quality and a wide range of therapies. To clean it, simply remove the container. The joys of bio saunas!

Tower heater

The combined heater offers two towers of power. The elegant towers can either be filled with peridotite stones or feature a water container for the herb sieve and oil bowl. Breathe in the gentle BIOSA® climate and the fine aromas or fresh herbs evaporating in one of the heating elements.


Not only is its shape reminiscent of a diamond. The advantages it has to offer are also brilliant: it fits in any corner, optimum air circulation saves energy, its triple heater shell protects against burns, and its water container with herb sieve and aromatic oil bowl is removable. Depending on your preferences, the Diamond is even available as a Finnish or BIOSA® heater.

BIOSA® designer heater

This patented model continues the appealing design of our saunas: the glass water container with herb sieve and aromatic oil bowl is both elegant and puristic. It not only looks good, but also emits a beautiful light. For the container is backlit and creates a relaxing interplay of light and water.

Wood heater

End the day with a blazing fire. The archaic feeling of a sauna is only truly complete with a wood heater. Even traditional sauna enthusiasts are impressed with the original charm radiated by this wood heater.

Under-bench heater

With its simple design and pleasant heat, the under-bench heater really shouldn’t be hidden. But it is – to save space. The model radiates heat along the rear wall of the sauna.


Germanius injects power into commercial saunas and hotel facilities. An optimum ratio of radiation to convection heat is ensured through the use of a large quantity of stones, providing the perfect basis for an intense sauna experience. Heating with a view: the window in the lower half of the heater allows you to see the heating elements glowing – creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

Heater guard
Guards against excess heat.

The temperature inside a sauna can reach up to 120 degrees Celsius. Depending on the heater model, the housing can get extremely hot. With an individual heater guard, you can automatically keep your distance – and thus avoid painful contact. Guards can be made of carved wooden bars and/or chrome steel, which also make the ideal footrest.