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Control systems
Relaxation guaranteed.

All of Küng’s precision equipment can be operated intuitively. With everything conveniently displayed on screen: temperature and humidity, as well as wonderful mood enhancers such as light, colour and therapy. Everything can be regulated by touch screen. If you are feeling deeply relaxed after bathing, you no longer need worry about having to dry the sauna. It’s already preprogrammed.

All in one touch screen.

All 12 standard programs can be controlled by fingertip and regulate temperature, humidity and lighting. Owners of previous models can also relax and retrofit their controller. The A12 has the same dimensions and fits perfectly in the intended wall recess.
  • State-of-the-art microelectronics
  • Colour touch screen
  • 12 standard programs (saves 6 personal favourites)
  • Easy-to-understand and intuitive menu guide
  • Regulates temperature, humidity and lighting
  • Low-maintenance and quiet control system

Fact sheet
Operating manual

Elegance at your fingertips

The black glass display elegantly shows what’s important to lovers of Finnish climates: temperature, timer, time. Lighting, preselection and ventilation are all extremely easy to use on the F2 and also just a touch away.
  • Installed flush
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Backlit keys on a black glass display
  • Large-digit temperature (current), time, timer

Operating manual

Interior display

So long nostalgia – hello future! Rather than sand, the feel-good minutes trickle digitally through the electronic interior display, which also shows the time, humidity and sauna temperature.

Sauna surveillance.

Whether in a private spa or a large facility, fire protection is a top priority on our list of safety measures. That’s why all programmable sauna models feature a smart magnetic door contact sensor. This only allows the cabin to be heated up if the door is closed. For example: if the remote control has been activated, the sauna door has been opened and a hand towel has accidentally been left in the cabin, the sensor will stop the process. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing will catch fire in your absence.