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Renovations and modifications
Ready for an upgrade?

Thanks to airlines and hotels, we all know what it’s like to upgrade to a better class. But did you know that you can also upgrade your sauna, by modifying or renovating it. The options for renovation are many and varied: starting with cabin insulation, the control system or the heater. But technology isn’t everything. New materials can also create a totally new ambience. Maybe a glass front? Different panelling or a coloured exterior? Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to building a sauna. Incidentally, such investments not only enhance your sweat cabin, but also add value to your entire property. Plus it’s much more fun having a first-class sauna.

Renovating your sauna
A fresh new look for your oasis of well-being.

Vintage may be trendy, but not in a sauna. Years of sweating take their toll on the material, and the technology is soon outdated. But that doesn’t mean you have to start afresh. Renovating your old sauna saves you from buying a new one and also adds value to your entire property. There are many ways to rekindle a fire. Think cabin insulation, interior panelling or switching to infrared heating. We not only turn something old into something new, but also make it chic and modern.

Tips for renovating your sauna


New wood for the interior panelling and benches gives your sauna a fresh aroma and an unused look. Today’s benches are also sprung or made of leather for even more comfort.

A change of scenery:

Glass doors and fronts create transparency. Glass panes are also printable. How about sprucing up your sauna with some natural stone, slate or chrome steel?

Relaxation at the touch of a button:

One touch of a screen is all it takes to shift down a gear and regulate your well-being. State-of-the-art control systems offer additional benefits in terms of regulating humidity, heat, sound and therapies.

Modifying your sauna
Get more out of Finnish.

Needs and preferences are constantly changing. While Finnish saunas were once the be all and end all, today’s sauna lovers now appreciate milder temperatures and a variety of therapeutic options. Get more out of your current sauna with little effort. The magic formula is modification. Replace your sauna heater with a BIOSA® model from Küng and get lower temperatures and higher humidity in a traditional sauna. Integrate fold-out infrared panels (Infraflex® surface heating elements) and reap the beneficial effects of infrared heat. Last but not least: retrofitting a control system brings convenience at the touch of a button.

Tips for modifying your sauna

  • New heater: Replace your current heater with a BIOSA® model. In addition to Finnish temperatures, it also offers a gentle bio climate with higher humidity.
  • Infrared panels: Integrate fold-out infrared panels. With Infraflex® surface heating elements, you can continue to enjoy a Finnish or BIOSA® sweat bath in addition to deep heat.
  • Touch screen: With Küng sauna control systems, the level of relaxation is at your fingertips. Temperature and therapies can be cleverly selected.