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Passionate about wood
Saunas with character.

We are passionate about wood. And we are happy to share this passion with you. For wood is what makes every Küng sauna unique, what gives it its fragrance and character. Naturally, not every trunk and branch is suitable. That’s why we only process wood that stands the test of time and really works. Sometimes from the north, sometimes from the mountain forest. Every tree has unique qualities. You’ll be amazed at how good our wood copes with heat.

Designed for well-being.

The most important material for building a sauna is and remains wood. But before you decide which tree is to play a decisive role in your relaxation, first you need to choose the method of construction: element or solid wood? Each construction method has its advantages:

Element construction
Wood in its element.

Whether vertical or horizontal, panelling is best when a sauna is to be installed in an existing room and the cabin is to have a multilayered, particularly energy-saving wall design. At Küng, a wooden framework structure is covered with panelling of at least 16 mm thick so that the heat radiated remains soft. In addition, there are practically no creative limits when it comes to the design – neither in the layout nor in the exterior material nor in the interior design.

Solid wood
Typically Finnish

A log cabin and a sauna? The solid wood/log-building design probably best exemplifies the origins of traditional saunas. Robust and stable, the long-stored wood stylishly encapsulates your sauna experience. Best in the garden looking out into nature. To enjoy a rustic sauna indoors, it has to be free-standing and offer enough space for the air to circulate.