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Enjoyable rituals
Optional extras

A sauna provides so much more than just heat. Besides the heater, a whole host of other elements offer an amazing range of therapeutic benefits. Increase the sauna effect and enhance your ritual with aromas, oxygen, sound, humidity or infrared. Your senses will thank you.

The good into the pot.

For those of you who enjoy aromas and teas, we have everything prepared for your favourite therapy. Add a few drops into the bowl provided or put the fresh herbs straight into the water bath. Aromatherapies have a liberating and prophylactic effect on the airways.

A healthy breeze.

More oxygen in the bloodstream boosts your metabolism and vitality. It can also make you less susceptible to changes in weather and improve your sense of well-being. Which is why we developed the ‘Ionisair’: to give you an extra breeze of O2.

In harmony.

Sound has a powerful therapeutic effect. It moves, soothes and harmonises. Even medical experts and psychologists rate it highly. Hidden speakers in the cabin set the tone and provide accompanying background music or sounds from nature to help you relax.

Thirst for more.

Humidity is the key to beautiful skin. It cleanses, revitalises and helps to alleviate tension. Practical: the built-in water container is removable and easy to clean. Use the sauna controller to adjust the humidity to the desired level.

Feel the colour.

Light and colour are a powerful duo. They also have a great impact on your life. For example, green is calming, while orange is uplifting. Inject colour into your ritual! Simply use the controller to change colours manually or automatically.

Gets under your skin.

Statt die Luft zu erwärmen, dringt die Wärme des Infrarots in die Haut und wirkt dort, wo sie soll: in Gewebe, Gelenken, Organen und Knochen. Die InfraFlex®-Wandpaneele sind entweder in den Wänden integriert oder ausklappbar. Nutzen Sie diese wahlweise als Hauptheizquelle oder als Ergänzung zum Saunaofen. Instead of heating up the air, infrared heat penetrates the skin and works where it is most effective: in the tissue, joints, organs and bones. The InfraFlex® wall panels are either built into the walls or fold out. Use them as a main source of heat or in addition to the sauna heater.