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A sauna is like a bespoke suit.

The sauna originates from Finland and basically means a room made of wood. If only it were that easy! High-quality relaxation requires know-how and passion. Climate and resources. Aesthetics and flair. Prefabricated designs are nowhere near close to achieving this. As a manufacturer, we produce and create tailor-made luxury saunas by hand in our very own factory. For you, this means countless possibilities, selectable climate zones, designs, layouts, heaters, controllers, types of wood and materials.

Your sauna’s CV.

Every home has its nooks and crannies, not to mention its own history. Let this guide you and be inspired by our countless layout ideas – for the bathroom, bedroom, basement or summer house. Cubes, bevels, curves and L-shapes are all popular and part of our range – and windows, an open fire or stairs can even be harmoniously integrated.

Give your sauna
a personal touch.

Your biggest feel-good coup: a sauna that stands out from the rest and looks exactly the way you want it to. Free-standing saunas in particular offer plenty of scope for creativity. Exceptional materials and a sensual mix make all the difference.

Wood and glass form the foundation of every Küng sauna. The addition of new materials creates individuality that either fits in with the rest of the interior or goes one step further and creates a real eye-catcher. Make a statement on the exterior or play with colours and materials in the interior: natural stone, exposed concrete, leather, printed glass, stucco, wall coverings or copper – the sky is the limit.