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Planning process
Your private spa. Our planning.

Dreaming of a private sauna or spa facility?
Make your dreams come true in six easy steps.

1. Dream phase

No matter how big your dreams of greater well-being or how small your floor plan or budget, the only thing that matters is the fact that we are there for you from the very beginning to ensure the whole sauna-building experience is as relaxing as possible. Initial ideas? Live in the showroom or right here.

Planning tips

2. Consulting phase

In the corner. In a small space. Indoor or outdoor. Bespoke or a Küng designer model. Our advisers can transform any idea and budget into something great and quickly realise what best suits you – because they listen, ask questions and understand your needs.

Our team
Planning checklist

3. Design phase

Based on our initial consultation, we draft a design and create a non-binding offer. Together with you, we work on and discuss any additions or modifications to ensure our plan and offer live up to your dreams and expectations – and harmonise perfectly with their environment.

A signed contract forms the basis and go-ahead for manufacturing your individual unit. Look forward to soothing and lasting relaxation!

4. Production phase

With the right wood and understanding, we manufacture your project in our carpentry in Altendorf or WSP™ manufatory in Hochdorf. Want to accompany us while we make your unique model? Included in a workshop visit: a hearty reception, a tour of production and a glimpse of your future relaxation oasis.

Our wellness manufactory

5. Heated phase

Your sauna, steam bath or steam shower is delivered to your home. Assembly takes on average two days. Naturally, we’ll announce our visit so that you’ll know when we’ll be installing, outfitting, implementing and explaining the ins and outs of being a happy owner of a brand-new private spa.


6. Final phase

Your dreams have come true. And by purchasing a sauna, herbal steam bath or steam shower you’re also purchasing a piece of Küng. Once a customer. Always a customer. Benefit from the advantages of maintenance, accessories and exclusive offers. In other words, everything that increases your sense of well-being.

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