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For architects
Even professionals need to relax.

We are wellness experts. Architects and planners quickly come to realise this when looking for ideas, when in need of technical knowledge or when faced with difficult structural conditions. Küng provides professional support to help you plan and develop your saunas, steam showers and spa facilities.

Our aim is always to find the perfect solution for any project and combine your experience and inspiration with our well-being expertise.

EMULSION Interior Design
A love of craftsmanship.

«Based in the municipality of Sils im Domleschg, our interior design firm draws its inspiration from nature and its elements. For an oasis of well-being in a house with a view of the mountain landscape in Pontresina, our aim was to use natural and regional materials to create a direct link to the mountain region. Together with the well-being experts at Küng, we planned and developed this exclusive sauna. As Küng shares our love of detail and craftsmanship as well as our passion for the uniqueness of every object and the search for the perfect solution, it turned out to be a fruitful cooperation.»

Tanja Jörimann and Werner Woodtli
EMULSION Interior Design

Tschander.Keller Architekten
Bring new life to the historical atmosphere.

"For conversions it is our aim to transfer as much of the historical atmosphere as possible. The staging of the original elements of an old farmhouse with barn in the Zurich Oberland led to simple, cozy rooms, which are designed with few natural materials. The owners' wish for a feel-good bath was fulfilled with the integration of a sauna, which fits in perfectly with the old wood elements and many other details. The ceiling beams, a piece of an old wooden plank wall and natural lime abrasion create a harmonious ensemble. We were particularly pleased that the ceiling could be designed without an apron, so that the sauna is fully integrated into the room. The technical implementation convinced us fully".

Marietta Tschander and Christian Keller
Tschander.Keller architects