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Bio sauna BIOSA®
A gentle way to sauna

The BIOSA® bio sauna opens up a warm and wonderful world of relaxation using gentle rather than Finnish heat. The healthy heat bath in the bio sauna (also known as a soft sauna, steam sauna or Sanarium®) is similar to a Turkish steam bath and also popular with first-timers. A temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 45% create a pleasant sauna climate for prolonged relaxation. This gentler version of sauna was developed in the 1970s by a German naturopath. It was wellness pioneer Tony Küng who introduced this type of sauna under the BIOSA® brand in 1979. 

And the good thing about it: BIOSA® helps keep you cool. For BIOSA® is the ultimate in relaxation, increasing perspiration without negatively impacting your circulation. And you can also have a traditional Finnish sweat bath in the bio sauna. Thanks to the BIOSA® heater developed by Küng, any climate setting is possible.

Regular bio sauna sessions
Replenish your health.

Our bio sauna concept BIOSA® pampers you from head to toe. A blend of pleasant heat and humidity not only relaxes, regenerates and strengthens the immune system – all well-known benefits of a gentle sauna – but also turns a home sauna into a wellspring of health.


Regular bio sauna sessions

  • regulate high blood pressure.
  • alleviate circulatory problems.
  • cleanse the skin.
  • clear the airways.

Enjoy rather than endure

The typical pouring of water on stones for an instant increase in temperature is not possible in a bio sauna as temperatures are too low. A variety of therapies are therefore ideal for prolonged relaxation. Aroma, oxygen, light and sound have proven to have a physical effect and appeal to the senses.

So if you like your sauna to be both gentle and hot, you don’t need two cabins. Every BIOSA® control is preprogrammed with various climate settings. The temperature and humidity can, however, be individually adjusted. Via the touch panel, you can choose between a hot Finnish sauna and a soft, gentle sauna. The proof is in the pudding!