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Arvo sauna
An original composition

Arvo is a modular sauna concept of simple, Swiss quality design. And best of all: Arvo can be easily configured, quickly delivered, and is open to ideas and requests. The cabin comes in 12 different sizes and layouts. The design, climate and accessories can be added in a click. Design your sauna in five easy steps – with a configurator that automatically calculates the cost along the way. The result: an original composition that matches both your space and your budget. Configure your sauna from 8960.- Configure your sauna

1/5 Size and layout

The good thing is that Arvo can be tailored to your needs. Carve your very own oasis of well-being from 12 different layouts and maximise your space.
Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss Sauna Grundriss
Sauna Grundriss No. 1
151 x 122 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 2
151 x 148 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 3
169 x 148 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 4
169 x 174 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 5
194 x 148 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 6
194 x 174 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 7
194 x 208 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 8
220 x 148 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 9
220 x 174 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 10
220 x 208 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 11
246 x 148 cm
Sauna Grundriss No. 12
246 x 174 cm
Choose exterior design

2/5 Exterior design

An important part of every model is the material of the exterior walls. For these offer plenty of scope for individual design.


With its simple design and satin-finished MDF fronts, Arvo is sure to be a real eye-catcher in any architectural environment. For even more individuality, the exterior can also be in any colour of your choice.
Loft white Sauna Loft white
Night black Sauna Night black
Taupe Sauna Soft taupe
Urban grey Sauna Urban grey
Sauna mit Farbe nach Wahl Your choice
CHF 300


Wooden elements with a glass door create a cocoon-like feel. While a glass front represents modern transparency. Both make a strong match when it comes to enjoying true moments of pleasure.
Sauna mit Glastür
With glass door
Sauna mit Glasfront
With glass front
Choose climate

3/5 Climate

The heater is the centrepiece of any sauna and determines the climate. Burning for a hot Finnish sauna or for milder temperatures? Arvo is open to both versions.


Whether you choose a traditional Finnish sauna or a combined heater, both are powerful designer models and both are easy to clean. The accompanying controller offers relaxation at the touch of a button.
Finnischer Sauna Ofen

Finnish heater

A Finnish sauna provides the most authentic sauna experience. A large quantity of stones quickly brings the sauna up to temperature and provides a soothing heat.
Technical specifications

Combi Sauna Ofen

Combined heater

A bio sauna heater allows you to choose the temperature and humidity that is most comfortable for you, while your favourite aroma unfolds in the special aroma bowl.
Technical specifications

CHF 1000

Finnischer Elektroofen

  • Komplett aus hochwertigem Edelstahl gefertigt
  • Kompakte Masse für maximale Raumnutzung
  • Leistung 6.0-10.5 (abhängig von der Saunagrösse)
  • Hohes Steinvolumen (30kg) für optimale Aufgüsse
  • Geringer Reinigungs- und Pflegeaufwand

Elektroofen Combi für finnisch und Bio-Sauna

  • Komplett aus hochwertigem Edelstahl gefertigt
  • Kompakte Masse für maximale Raumnutzung
  • Leistung 6.0-8.0 (abhängig von der Saunagrösse)
  • Leistung Wasserbad 1.5kW
  • Steinvolumen 10kg
  • Wasserbehälter mit 5l Fassungsvermögen, Schale aus Edelstahl für Aromatherapie
  • Beide einfach herausnehmbar und leicht zu reinigen
Choose interior design

4/5 Interior design

Wood ignites the feeling of a real sauna. It adds colour, fragrance and structure. How it feels to the touch also plays a major role – as much for the panelling as for the door handle. Take matters into your own hands!

Interior panelling

Arvo lives and breathes polar pine, aspen and alder. The characteristics of all three woods make them ideal for building saunas and regulating the climate.
Sauna Innenverkleidung Polarkiefer Polar pine
Sauna Innenverkleidung Erle Alder
Sauna Innenverkleidung Espe Aspen

Door handle

Even door handles are an important lever for an enjoyable sauna experience. Encounter our elegant designs as soon as you enter.
Sauna Türgriff Holz, rund Wood, round
Sauna Türgriff Metall, rund Metal, round
Sauna Türgriff Metall, eckig Metal, angular
Choose options

5/5 Options

Whether you sweat away the day with Bluetooth, coloured LEDs or a traditional pouring bucket, options and accessories enhance your oasis of well-being.
Sauna Ofen-Schutz

Heater guard

Guard against the heat with a wooden heater guard – which also makes the perfect footrest. CHF 300
Sauna Lautsprecher


Soak up some sounds by installing a damp- and heatproof speaker. CHF 320
Sauna Lautsprecher mit Bluetooth

Speakers with Bluetooth

Soft sounds enhance the soothing effect of the sauna, while a Bluetooth interface makes it even easier to choose music. CHF 840
Sauna Beleuchtung LED-RGB


Indirect LED lighting in the backrest comes as standard with Arvo and sets the mood. An upgrade to coloured lighting has an even greater effect. CHF 310
Sauna Zubehör-Set

Accessories set

Relaxation is all about the finer details. A wooden bucket with ladle, headrest and hourglass are part and parcel of an all-round sauna experience. CHF 250
Sauna cabin CHF 8960.-
Options CHF 0.-
Total CHF 8960.-
Prices incl. 7.7% VAT, excl. transport, assembly and electrical installation. Subject to technical changes.