History, values and vision
A passion for workmanship and wood.

On founding the firm in 1974, Tony Küng marked a new era in sauna building. He is also partly responsible for making saunas so popular in Switzerland today. Küng quickly banished the wooden box from the basement and transformed it into a designer object in the living area. What started out as a one-man operation turned into a respected family enterprise. With a sense of purpose and creativity. Underpinned by clear values and great vision.

From a self-made man to a sauna pioneer.

What started out as a one-man operation in 1974 marked a new era in Swiss sauna building. The young Tony Küng brought the ‘wooden box’ out of the basement and into the living area, thus turning sauna bathing into a lifestyle. This called for everything to be done differently – and over time, became the hallmark of Küng. For example, when glass was used for the first time in 1981, when horizontal panelling caused a sensation in 2002, or when sprung benches took off in 2008. Despite such dynamic development, Küng remained true to its commitment to quality. Küng has been making saunas in its own production facilities in the Swiss canton of Schwyz since 1979. In 2017 Küng AG became Küng Sauna & Spa AG, with an increased focus on holistic well-being. The company has 35 employees.

Refreshingly different.

For over 40 years, we have taken a direct and consistent approach to running the company. With highly qualified employees, with passion. Even we are fascinated by what we do. And believe in the importance of the materials we use: aesthetic relaxation, created using outstanding materials and real skill. Being a sauna pioneer means we are intrigued, inquisitive and open-minded. It also means we are passionate about design and its manifestation through Swiss precision craftsmanship. Our credo is ‘refreshingly different’. Without exception. The result is extraordinary and unique creations that stand the test of time and are considered the ultimate in upscale saunas.

Our vision is your relaxation.

Conscious relaxation is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life. Our vision is to inspire people with our relaxation concepts – whether small or large scale, at home or in public spa facilities. And in doing so, play a significant role in your health and create a sensual experience. There are no exceptions to the rule, which is what drives our passion to create innovative solutions. Now and in the future.