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Küng Sauna + Spa brings the wellness experience into the privacy of your home. With the Swiss spirit of innovation and a great deal of attention to detail, we enable our customers to enjoy the beneficial effects of heat, steam and water.

Swiss made
in Altendorf and Hochdorf

We create tailor-made products that inspire aesthetically and functionally - and that for years to come. Because every detail counts, we pay just as much attention to the sensual experience of design and feel as to the practical handling in everyday life. 

Our promise of quality

From a self-made man to a sauna pioneer.

What Tony Küng heralded with the founding of his company in 1974 was nothing less than a new era in sauna construction. He is partly responsible for the high degree of popularity that saunas enjoy in Switzerland today. Early on Küng banished the wooden box from the cellar and turned it into a design object in the living room. The vision of making relaxation experiences even more personal became the trademark of the Swiss wellness industry. For example, when glass was used for the first time in 1981, horizontal panelling caused a sensation in 2002 or sprung benches were introduced in 2008. Despite unparalleled development, Küng remained true to his understanding of quality. Since 1979, Küng has been manufacturing custom-made products in its own production facility based in Altendorf SZ. In 2017 Küng AG becomes Küng Sauna + Spa AG and its orientation as a holistic wellness provider is strengthened. From 2019, the merger with another Swiss manufacturer in the wellness sector, VAPORSANA AG with a production site in Hochdorf LU, will make this path even more consistent. The soothing natural herbal steam baths with VAPORSANA® technology were developed in 1979 from the idea and conviction of Walter Hunziker Senior regarding the activating power of medicinal herbs on the human organism. Küng Sauna + Spa currently employs 50 passionate wellness experts and offers inspiration in three showrooms and 2 production sites. 

Sauna pioneer Tony Küng
Significant developments

Our company founder Tony Küng surprised the sauna world from the very beginning with unusual, but always well thought-out and functional ideas. Most constructions and components in a Küng sauna as well as many sauna types and layouts are patented or model protected. Küng didn't know any conventions when it came to the design and always provided surprises with courageous materializations. Models such as Cube Corner, Swing or Ovola are an expression of his love of experimentation. Tony Küng has set standards in sauna design with memorable developments such as horizontal panelling with black feathers, the use of frameless glass fronts or the rod profile. Küng Sauna + Spa wants to remain true to this principle in the future. 

Spirit of innovation
with the spirit of innovation

Personal relaxation is becoming more and more important and a part of  everyday life. Our vision is to inspire people with ourwellness concepts. On a small as well as on bigger scale. At home in a private spa, as well as in public facilities and hotels. Küng Sauna + Spa wants to provide an individual experience and make a holistic contribution to your health with innovations such as the bio sauna BIOSA®, the herbal steam bath with our VAPORSANA® technology or our sprung reclining surfaces. This claim knows no exception and is the motor for visionary solutions. Today and tomorrow.

To our wellness innovations

Small team
big ideas

People are at the heart of what we do. Our customers, who get to enjoy the bespoke world of well-being we plan and create, and our carpenters, who handcraft it. Our employees are our best assets. They are versatile, committed and share a passion: to fulfil our customers’ need for unparalleled quality, exceptional design and continuous innovation in the area of well-being.

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